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Congratulations! You are one of the very first invited to the unique opening event of Kyatcha Rotterdam!




For the adventurers!

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Kyatcha was founded with true adventurers in mind. But even among true food lovers, there are always those who need more care, excitement and culinary sophistication than others.

Are you always in the vanguard of new trends? Do you love exclusive experiences, delightful food, unique treats and unforgettable events? Then we have something perfect for you!

Explore Kyatcha

Concept, date, conditions

The Explore Kyatcha event is like nothing else you have experienced before. Be one of the few who will enjoy this extraordinary opening event.

Date: 5–9 May. Reservations start 18:00-19:00.

Location: Kyatcha Rotterdam (Leuvehaven).

*A strictly limited number of spots are available for the event. As our subscribers, you can make a reservation before others. We will announce the event publicly after a few days, so you could comfortable secure your spot.


Omakase menu | wine pairing

Menu: During the event, we will serve a 6-course Omakase menu. Enjoy the unique dishes only available during this special time.

Price menu: €71 /per person.

Wine pairing: Special selection of delightful wines created to compliment the Omakase menu (as an additional option).