The Essence of Spring: Omakase Edition

Kyatcha Den Haag

Posted on: 15 Mar 2024

The Omakase Experience

Omakase Menu Spring Edition

Discover the essence of Omakase at Kyatcha, where our chefs’ ingenuity leads your culinary journey through the vibrant seasons.

This curated menu celebrates the five culinary pillars—roasted, grilled, fried, simmered, steamed, and raw—showcasing a balanced spectacle of textures and flavors in every dish.

Sea Bass Tartare

First Course

Savor the delicate Sea Bass Tartare, a perfect harmony of mild, sweet flavors and textural contrast. Enhanced with a nutty black sesame tuile, the dish is submerged in a roasted rice green tea dashi, offering an indulgent first taste of spring.

*Wine/Sake Pairing: Masi Passo Blanco / Masumi Kuro


Second Course

Embark on a cultural exploration with Hassun, an authentic ensemble that captures the essence of the season’s bounty. Each bite, a respectful nod to tradition, is crafted to be both authentic and approachable, celebrating the confluence of Japanese and Dutch culinary artistry.

*Wine/Sake Pairing: Culemborg Moscato Wine / Warm Classic Red Junmai Sake

Edamame Potage

Third Course

Indulge in the velvety smoothness of Edamame Potage, where the creamy edamame blend meets the delightful crunch of corn korokke. Each spoonful is a testament to our commitment to culinary creativity and comfort.

*Wine/Sake Pairing: Boschendal Chardonnay / Denshin Tsuchi


Fourth Course

Discover the depth of flavor in our Nitsuke, featuring Red Bass steeped in a symphony of kombu dashi, ginger, and traditional seasonings. This dish is a comforting embrace of time-honored Japanese cooking techniques.

*Wine/Sake Pairing: Columbia Crest Two Vines / Dassai 45

Ginger Cotta

Fifth Course

End your culinary voyage on a high note with our Ginger Cotta, a creative twist on classic panna cotta. Infused with ginger’s zing and paired with the sweetness of yuzu jelly and tomato granité, it’s a refreshing finale that dances on the palate.

*Wine/Sake Pairing: Norton Tardia / Sake Sour

Wine and Sake Pairings

The Perfect Companions

Elevate your Omakase experience with our expertly chosen wine and sake pairings.

Opt for full glasses to fully indulge, with four pairings at €38 p.p. or five at €47 p.p.

For a lighter accompaniment, half glasses are available at €22 p.p. for four courses and €27 p.p. for five courses.