New A La Carte Menu

Kyatcha Rotterdam

Posted on: 05 Oct 2022


As the days get shorter and colder we naturally crave more warmth in our life. To satisfy this appetite we used fire as the primary element in our new A la carte menu. We extended our Robata section to provide you with those satisfying, warming delights.

Come with us on a journey where a combination of fire and a unique spice palette provides truly comforting dishes with a distinctive and unique flavour perfectly suitable for the current season.

Flavours | Ingredients

For the new menu full of fire and warmth we selected a wide range of outstanding seasonal ingredients best suitable for this culinary adventure. You may particularly enjoy duck breast, Wagyu ribeye from Kagoshima, salmon belly, marinated sweet tofu, Japanese king mackerel, prawns and oysters.

Our chefs use them with rare and unique spices, vegetables and fruits to bring you bold and incredible flavours you have never experienced before.