The Reimagined Drink Experience

Kyatcha Rotterdam

Posted on: 25 Jun 2023

The Mixology Magic

Experience an enchanting fusion of rare Japanese spirits and exotic fruits

Welcome to a whole new world of tantalizing flavours and innovative mixology at Kyatcha Rotterdam. We have lovingly curated an exceptional array of cocktails for your enjoyment.

Each meticulously crafted beverage boasts of a unique character. Experience our Tokyo Mule with Soto Sake and Yuzu, or try the unique Wagyu Washed Old Fashioned, offering a sublime blend of Nikka Yoichi Whiskey and Wagyu.

Sip of Elegance

Luxuriate in our glamorous new range of sparkling cocktails

For those special moments when only the finest will do, we introduce our new collection of Sparkling Cocktails. A burst of luxury in every sip, these drinks are a tribute to sophistication.

Try the Sakuranbo, an elegant mixture of Sparkling Umeshu, Cherry, and Red Vermouth, or the vibrant Red Sun, a blend of Cava, Cranberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry. Elevate your moments with a hint of sparkle and make your dining experience unforgettable.

A New Tonic Tale

Savour our innovative reinterpretation of the classic Gin Tonic

We invite you to explore our modern, thoughtful reinterpretation of the classic Gin Tonic. We’ve pushed boundaries to bring you a range that embodies the spirit of adventure and creativity.

The Cherry Blossom Road, for instance, marries Hanami Gin with Royal Bliss Aromatic Berry, Strawberry, and Mint, while Nikka’s Cold Brew offers an unexpected pairing of Nikka Coffey Gin, Royal Bliss Tonic Water, Green Apple, and Juniper Berries. Every creation beckons you to challenge the conventional and explore uncharted flavour terrains.

Pure Pleasure, Responsibly

Discover our unique range of flavourful, alcohol-free cocktails

Who said you need alcohol to have a good time? Our new ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ range shatters this myth, delivering an extraordinary experience with zero alcohol.

Enjoy the Virgin Mule with Yuzu, Gingerbeer, and Mint, or the Red Sunset that combines Cranberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Sparkling Water. These alcohol-free drinks are as fun, creative, and flavourful as their spirited counterparts, ensuring that everyone can partake in the merriment.