Christmas Box 2022

Kyatcha Rotterdam | Kyatcha Den Haag

Posted on: 12 Dec 2022

Christmas Box 2022

Rotterdam | Den Haag

Seafood-inspired and bursting with flavour. Our Christmas box is an elegant collection of the finest seafood ingredients to create unique sushi for you to enjoy.

If you are spending the festive time at home, and not joining us for the Christmas Event at the restaurant, then the Christmas Box is a perfect choice. We created a special selection of sushi rolls, which are available only for this occasion. Enjoy!

How to order Christmas Box

Avaiable in our webshop

1) Order it on our website at least one day in advance.
2) Only 200 Christmas Boxes will be available. Due to the unique ingredients used for the set, we have to secure them in advance to prepare them for you.
3) Christmas Box is available only for takeaway orders on 24, 25, 26 December.

Christmas Celebration

Join us for the Christmas event at the restaurant

Christmas always takes a special place in our hearts. And this year we want you to have the most wonderful festive time you have ever experienced.

The 8-course Christmas menu is our most sophisticated culinary creation so far. Seafood-inspired, full of exclusive ingredients, and unique flavour combinations.

Gift Voucher

The perfect Christmas present for your family and friends.

During this special time, remember about people dearest to your heart. Share the joy and pamper them giving them this unique culinary experience.

We print the Gift Voucher on beautiful metallic ice gold, dazzlingly sparkling and super sturdy paper. The luxury look of this present is perfect for all memorable moments.