Christmas 2019 | Kyatcha Blaak

Christmas 2019 | Kyatcha Blaak

Spend the beautiful Christmas time at Kyatcha Blaak!

We believe that Christmas is a special time in the year and it should be celebrated in a truly outstanding way. It’s why we hope you will choose to spend it at Kyatcha Blaak.

For two days, we will serve a unique tasting menu which will amaze your palate and calm your soul.

The special Christmas Menu contains 6 courses and amuse. You can also opt for additional wine/sake tasting experience.

Food menu price: €70/pp.
Wine arrangement price: €35/pp.
Sake arrangement price: €40/pp.

Christmas menu

Amuse Mochi Hokkaido pumpkin ball.

  1. Starter plateau 3 elements.
  2. Hamachi daikon, soy-braised duck, vegetable with plum dressing.

  3. Sashimi & Tamari sushi platter.
  4. An assortment of sashimi and tamari sushi.

  5. Venison Oshi Sushi (Aburi).
  6. Torched venison with a wild berries teriyaki sauce, mushroom sushi rice.

  7. Tamago Gratin.
  8. Savoury steamed egg custard, smoked eel, gruyere sauce.

  9. Sukiyaki.
  10. Japanese hot pot style with a sweet soy broth, vegetables and thin-sliced rib-eye.

  11. Matcha Mont Blanc.
  12. Cake with matcha cream.

Details of the Christmas Celebration

  1. To make a reservation you can call us or fill up the form below.
  2. Please inform us about food allergies or dietary requirements.
  3. The reservation is valid only after receiving an email confirmation from us.
  4. Enjoy your Christmas dinner at Kyatcha Blaak!


Groenendaal 491
3011 ZW

(+31) 10 786 3330

Christmas at Kyatcha Blaak | Celebrating Christmas at Kyatcha Blaak Rotterdam